Wedding planning


How do we approach event planning:

We believe that event planning is an art, as well as problem solving. Empathy is an essential quality for the wedding planner in order to be in tune with the client.

We work side by side with clients. This has been truly gratifying and presenting the final result is always a cherished moment.

We think that each wedding day needs style and taste, along with something that is reminiscent of where the bride and groom come from. That’s also why we tend to avoid formal, rigid atmospheres. On the most meaningful day everyone should enjoy the party and above all have fun.

When it comes to the moment of photographs, once again, we avoid traditional and posed ones. Each wedding is a one in a million experience and a unique day for you.

Our commitment to you is to be transparent and show you how your money has been distributed to cover the costs for each element included in your package.

Since we want to guarantee professional and reliable services, our wedding planning contract is legally bound, written in English.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and it can be even worse if you don’t know the area well. That’s why by trusting us and our knowledge you’ll be sure to enjoy your special day, without stress or worries.

Fill out the form and we’ll contact you within the next 24 hours with our best offer for you.

Among our services we offer:

  • legal marriage documents preparation
  • search for the ceremony and wedding reception location
  • search for the wedding clothing
  • search for the photographer and videographer
  • floral arrangements
  • Ā music for the event